Combined effectiveness of softening and filtration for intelligent water treatment you can count on.

The Culligan High Efficiency Municipal Water Conditioner reduces chlorine effects and softens water for an all-in-one treatment system. Whether you’re looking to decrease energy expenses and increase appliance efficiency or benefit from shinier hair, cleaner skin and less soap scum on dishes, the Culligan water conditioning system is your long-term solution.

  • Delivers comprehensive water treatment and softening for large-scale properties
  • Reduces contaminants that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant*
  • Monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics with the Culligan Soft-Minder®Meter

The Culligan High Efficiency Municipal Water Conditioner is built with innovative technology to ensure:

  • Convenience: Automatic bypass valve provides the convenience of skipping the water softener from the softener itself or the remote display.

  • Reliability: A specialized, non-corrosive valve provides more reliability than a rotary valve system.

  • Durability: Our high-impact Quadra-Hull®Tank is designed to be outdoors, with a four-layer design that resists UV rays, rust and corrosion.

Benefits Include:

  • Worry-Free Maintenance: The easy-to-read back-lit display with digital clock lets you know your softener is working and warns of system malfunctions.
  • Dial-A-Softness Valve: Customize your water softness to find an ideal level and enjoy the feeling of silkier hair, cleaner skin and more.
  • Smart Design: Long-lasting brine tank with corrosion-proof components and Dubl-Safe brine refill control assure proper operation.

The Culligan HE Municipal Water Conditioner Brings You:

  • All-In-One Solution: Soften and filter water simultaneously with a single, cost-effective product.
  • Better Tasting, Cleaner Water: The Culligan municipal water system absorbs chlorine tastes and odors to deliver quality drinking water for your family and pets.
  • Increased Efficiencies: This softener eliminates scale buildup and clogging, helping to prolong the lifespan of your appliances and pipes.