Water Treatment Solutions from Culligan of Fort Morgan, CO and Sterling, CO

If you are a first time buyer of water technology, or are looking to replace existing systems in your home or business, Culligan of Northeastern Colorado is pleased to assist.

The first step is to contact Culligan via email or phone to let them know of any particular water situation you are concerned about.  An experienced Culligan representative is very familiar with the water in the Northeastern Colorado area, and can help you identify what may be causing your water challenges.  Standard water tests are conducted at your home, and reviewed with you.  If further testing is required, Culligan will assist in additional testing steps.

Once your water situation is understood via testing, Culligan will know what solution to offer, and will quote the price for purchase or rental.  Follow up services such as warranty and maintenance, salt delivery, or bottled water delivery will also be included. Typical solutions include a high efficiency water softener, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, whole house filtration equipment, or other specially configured water treatment solutions.

As previously mentioned, you will be presented with options to purchase or rent the Culligan equipment.  Culligan supports all clients after the sale with it’s professional service staff.  Rental customers pay a fixed monthly fee for equipment rental, and Culligan provides standard maintenance services as part of the rental fee.  Many clients choose to rent the Culligan drinking water systems because Culligan includes the scheduled filter and membrane replacements as part of the monthly rental fee.

A Culligan system is very beneficial to a home owner or business if areas of the home or facility, fixtures or appliances can be negatively affected by untreated water.  This includes items such as sinks, tubs, shower walls, toilets, floors, and exterior siding. It also includes plumbing and major appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines.

So, when you are addressing your water concerns, please contact your experienced Culligan dealership.   Free estimates are provided if your situation can be addressed by Culligan.