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Sulfur Filter Rental
Only $12.95/month for the 1st 3 months
Limited time offer. Participation varies. See dealer for details. Standard Rental rate apply after 3 months. Minimum 1 year service plan required.

Water Smell or Taste Bad? Try a Culligan Water Filter.

Culligan Sulfur CleerDoes your water smell like rotten eggs? The Culligan Sulfur-Cleer® Whole-House Filter can reduce that odor through an advanced filtration process that oxidizes hydrogen sulfide.* Your local Culligan Man has the right water treatment knowledge and expertise to fix even the biggest problems. Your local Culligan Man can recommend the right water conditioning solution for you.


The Culligan Sulfur-Cleer® Filter:

  • Gets rid of sulfurous rotten-egg smell.
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide and iron* in your water.
  • Reduces rust stains on sinks, fixtures, dishes and clothes.
  • Culligan water systems are third party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most
  • comprehensive warranties in the industry.

*Hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants are not necessarily in your water.

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